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How Do I Place An Order?

You can either email us at (must give 24 hours before pick up) or you can give us a call and we will gather your items together (please be patient and keep in mind we are also helping customers in the store).

What if I lose my receipt?

If you are planning to return an item, you can only get cash/credit back with a receipt. Otherwise, you will receive store credit.

Payment options

We accept any form of credit cards (YES, we take DISCOVER and AMEX) and cash. No checks.

What if my pet does not like his/her food?

All of our foods, treats, and supplies are guaranteed so if you (or your pet) are not satisfied, so long as there is half of the bag of food or treats in the original packaging, just bring it back and you will be refunded. Supplies (such as harnesses) can also be exchanged.

Do you still board animals?

We can no longer board animals as our new location cannot support them. 

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