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About Animal Crackers

A holistic pet supplies store with all natural products.
Our Rewards Card Rules
Our store offers a rewards program for every $10.00 spent on a transaction, you recieve a hole punch, and once the entire card is complete, you get $5.00 off your NEXT order.
  • You cannot bring in old receipts from previous transactions and get points

  • If you have a "discount card" or receive another form of discount, you cannot redeem punch points also.

  • The punches are in intervals of $10, BEFORE TAX. For example, if your total is $20.31 but your balance before tax is $18.99, you will only receive one punch.

  • If your total is $54.98 and you use the $5 gift, your new balance is $49.58, and therefore you will receive 4 punches, because you only spent $49.58.

  • You can combine cards, and redeem more than one filled card at a time.

  • If you forget to bring your card, we will give you a new one which can be combined. We cannot "remember" to punch it next time.

Special Orders

Due to the minimal amount of space we have in our store, we cannot occupy and stock every item of every brand. We can special order most things from the companies listed, as well as some others. Give us a call to see if we can get what you need with a minimum of one week's notice, at (732) 827-5195.

Chic Dog Brand*
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